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Into the Light

Concern about diabetes complications casts a long shadow. You don’t have to live in that shadow. Join Joy Pape, dLife Certified Diabetes Educator and partner of Laugh It Off!, as she leads a discussion to shed light on diabetes complications. Hear from people yet to experience complications and some who are in the fight right now.

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Joy Pape

Joe Pape

Joy Pape is a Certified Diabetes Educator and partner of Laugh It Off! — a health edutainment team that Educates-Enlightens & Entertains.

She is a registered nurse who is board certified in diabetes education and foot care nursing. A high incidence of heart disease in her family led her into the field of nursing where she’s spent her life helping people with their health concerns.

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Riva Greenberg

Riva GreenbergRiva is a diabetes advocate and patient-expert. Since 2006, she has lectured at conferences, health fairs and corporate wellness programs. She is inspiring patients to flourish and helping health care professionals create more successful outcomes with patients.

She is the author of three books that together provide the knowledge, actions and emotional strength critical to diabetes health: Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s, 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It and The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes. Riva also writes on The Huffington Post.

Phyllis Shulman

Phyllis The mother of two great sons, three dogs, and married to a potty train her husband, Phyllis is earned an Emmy Nomination for her television work, appeared in the Bill Murray movie “Larger Than Life” and toured with and opened for some of the hottest headliners and comedic actors including Bill Engvall, Kevin James, and Brian Regan. She wrote a humor book “Discover Me”, which was released Spring 2005 and starred in “TWO JEWELS”, A one woman stage show.

Phyllis has also been part of a team educating people about serious health issues in a light hearted way all over the world.” Laugh It Off! was created with the mission to educate, enlighten, and entertain, and has presented to health care providers, community audiences, marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies, families and children at camp, camp leaders, teachers and administrators, health expos, women’s’ groups, and more.

Henry Bryan

Henry BryanHenry was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in January of 1972 while in the hospital with a burned back. He was devastated by this diagnosis as he was 24 years old. Unfortunately for many years he received little positive support or encouragement for managing his diabetes and really did not know many people with diabetes. So he sort of ignored treating his diabetes. He felt the lack of encouragement and positive support for successfully managing his diabetes was more devastating than the diagnosis of diabetes itself.

In 1994 he met his current endocrinologist who has taught him many things about diabetes and is a great encouragement to him. By listening and asking questions Henry began to understand that successful diabetes management was up to him and that he could do it. He was receiving excellent advice and encouragement to successfully manage his diabetes. He began attending various meetings and learning more about diabetes treatment and explore options and he took great interest in his numbers as he was in the land surveying profession which used numbers though in a different way. In February 2000 due to additional medical information that became available he was put on an insulin pump and control has improved through the years. IN 2000 he even explored through some college classes the distribution of diabetes patients in the counties of his home state of Georgia and related that to the location of hospitals and rural health clinics and concluded the series of classes with this information in a report form and shared with his doctor and others.

After hearing Nicole Johnson at a diabetes educational event in 2006, he endeavored to start a diabetes support group at his work place and through that became involved in a program where he gives motivational programs to others that have this disease called diabetes and through this offers hope and encouragement to others living with diabetes. He participates in helping educate those living with diabetes through avenues that open up to him as well as to individuals that come to his attention and he looks for opportunities to encourage others whether individually or in group settings.