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About The Conference

Since April of 2012, in an effort to better understand why bloggers are not writing about severe diabetes complications like Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Metanx began hosting Virtual Summits with diabetes bloggers from around the United States. We partnered with noted diabetic blogger Scott Johnson to host these bi-monthly events using Google Hangouts.

During these summits we have been able to have face-to-face discussions with numerous members of the diabetic community, both patient and blogger. We’ve had frank and honest conversations about the lack of information surrounding severe diabetic complications, like DPN. We’ve talked about how bloggers don’t write about it and how pharmaceutical and doctors are partially to blame because of the way in which we present the information – namely fear based communications.

It was during these discussions that we discovered an unmet need in the diabetes world – hope. In summit after summit we would hear bloggers and patients talk about how being diagnosed with severe complications like DPN left them feeling hopeless. Or we would hear how just being diagnosed with diabetes created a sense of hopelessness because the disease isn’t curable.

We thought that this lack of hope should change. We thought that someone should take up the mantle of hope and at a minimum, start creating hope by getting people to talk about complications like DPN. By talking about it amongst each other, with members of the medical community and yes, even with the pharmaceutical companies that supply the devices and medications for diabetics, we can share knowledge. And it is our belief that knowledge is the first step towards hope.

So with the help of Scott and our Digital Marketing firm, Converse Digital, we’re going to try to do our part to create a platform for these conversations and the hope that we believe will be created.

We’ve called it the Diabetes Hope Conference.

Last year over 250 people joined us for the inaugural conference. This year, we’re hoping to double that number.

We’re glad you’re here and hope that you will join us on May 20, 2014 at 11am central time to start creating a bit of hope.

- Team Metanx

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